Basically, last year, myself and a fellow I stumbled across on the tinternet worked together and got a good text based online strategy game up and running. Was going swell with over 300 active players (active as in logging on at least once a day for the whole round - which was 1 month) and that was in only the first round, it was growing a lot. But he and I got busy and it kinda drifted away and I havnt been able to get in touch with him since. My hosting ran out and I didn't renew it. So what I'm left with is, a game code - which still has a few issues and bugs to iron out which appeared during development - domain name, and a grande plan to update and redesign it to be competitive with even the likes of star kingdoms and utopia which have thousands of players. As optimistic as it seems, I believe it can be done.

What I'm offering is a 50% share of the business taking 50% of all the profits, completely equal partners in return I need a very competent php coder, idealy familiar with such online games which would make it quicker to adjust but anyone whos good at php and working with sql will do - and who is a nice guy of course. I'm good at design, aesthetics and gameplay but suck when it comes to the coding and engineering behind it - hence the need for a companion.

If I get someone to help me, I'll get the hosting back up immediately and get the game hosted again - if the person has their own hosting they are willing to share to cut down costs then that's just an added bonus.

Just send me an email if ur interested, and I may be on AIM at various times too .

My AIM is TheChosen RU
Email on: midnightsoulz(at)googlemail(dot)com

Edit: I should also add that during the month it was up we recieved $200 from donations and $30 from advertising revenue. It can be profitable.