I am creating a multimedia website, and looking for a dedicated CSS designer willing to go throughout the project from start to finish with my team, if you are still interested , keep reading below:

Name of project: (domain name still in progress)

Project purpose: A video / audio / flash / game , uploading site, also with user friendly features similar to myspace. The design is in need of a sophisticated simple look in CSS.

Requirements: Experienced with CSS designing.

Benefits: During and after this project, you will recieve full administrative privilages, I know its not much now, but after we get advertisement revenue gained from this project, I will split up the money among the team.

Additional information: I would be more than glad if you would like to join the team and code diligently on the site, there is no deadline so there is no rush here, but if you have spare hours throughout the day, I would be glad if you could join and design on this project, remember, once you join, we must do this from start to finish, once completed, this website will be unique with its features and looks.

Please continue if you are serious, and would like to dedicate yourself to it

Contact me by email at: cybershatter@yahoo.com

Thanks! This site will make it worth your while