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    Text Based Game - Already Built & Established - $100 a Day


    OK as this is my first post and ive just signed up il introduce myself a little. My names Jordan and i live in the UK in a place called Bradford.

    Im 19 currently studying at Manchester University and in all honest am money orientated, id love to become a successful online entrepreneur and i have been taking closer steps to this day by day.

    Basically, i already run a mafia text based game, which we all know aren't unique anymore but i knew there was still money to be made and it was the genre of game i would be most willing to do as it was my first game.

    Its a bought script which has been highly customized and it has been open now around just under 3 weeks.

    The site itself is now earning on average via paypal donations $100 per day which i split with my partner 50/50 on a weekly basis.

    I myself cannot code anything really i know nothing, which is why i need a partner in these projects.

    What im bringing to the table here is a ready made to go script that we could set up in a matter of minutes and have it go live.

    Not only this but i will be paying for some custom graphics for the site like i have in my current game.

    Also due to a little mix up... im currently moving my mafia game to a dedicated server, however our first server offered a 30 day money back guarantee but we didnt read it all and they dont offer it on dedicated servers

    So anyway, the support we had was awful and the setting up of the server was a total pain so we decided we'd go with another guy who's support was unreal, i mean he helps us right down to doing 'remote assistance' over msn hes brilliant but he wasnt offering dedicated servers at the time we needed one

    Anyway we tried cancelling our first one and they said they dont do the money back on the dedicated... so long story short i have 2 dedicated servers now which i and my potential partner can put onto straight away.

    I havent done any advertising of my mafia game and it has just under 2000 members in around 3 weeks just by referral links and word of mouth.

    Now i think what im bringing to the table is damn good:
    -Ready Made Script
    -Custom Graphics
    -Dedicated Server

    So i feel im in a decent position to choose a decent coder. Now my current game is all text based, however ive paid for a full flash roulette table like the ones you see on the real online casinos and this is currently being integrated into the game which is about 95% done now. This itself has cost me around $350-$400 to complete

    Basically i want a coder who knows the PHP, mySQL like the back of their hand as this is what the script is run on, but for me to take my game forward to really look the part, i want a flash coder who can design things in flash like a blackjack table / Horse Racing etc which they can then integrate into the game connecting with the database.

    So just a little recap id like to partner with a coder who knows

    As is said with the income, i can prove all this via paypal etc

    Now my current game ive been talking about throughout this post is:

    You guys can take a look at that and see if its the sort of thing you'd like to work with.

    Also in terms of the genre of this new game, im totally open to suggestions as the mafia scene is getting dried up.

    Please message me here via PM or leave a message in the thread.

    I also use MSN as my main source of communication, i leave it on 24/7 really and am usually online everyday at some point or another so having MSN is a huge plus aswell.



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    I just sent a PM to you. Hope to hear from you.


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