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    Help Needed (AV site)

    I am here because I am one of the admins/owners of a site that is in development. I am one of the art leads but I have been doubling as coding help and I am being to find that this is becoming an increasingly difficult task.
    I am not well versed enough in coding to be effective at this. My main responsibilities coding wise should only be CSS and minimal PHP editing for the layouts however I am finding myself pulled into being able to work with SQL/PHP/AJAX and I am not capable of doing that.

    I am sure many of you have heard this one before but the site is going to be an avatar/MMO site like GaiaOnline. Before you run away hear me out.

    We are a more mature and cohesive group and would like our site to reflect that. We want a community like that as well. But in order to achieve this goal we need someone(s) who can help us build the foundations for it. Which at the moment is an avatar system.

    We have 1 mostly competent coder but unsure of how to undertake a project like this, and 1 barely competent coder who can at least be of a little use. So don't worry this won't all be on you.

    Now for some important things. At the moment this isn't paying, but hopefully after the site is launched the revenue we generate will be able to pay you back for your help.

    If you would like more specific information please email me at my personal email sarah.dedmon@gmail.com (lord I am opening myself up for so much spam) Any one interested would be greatly and forever appreciated.
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