Hello everyone!

Before I start ranting about a whole bunch of nothings, I want to say that the goal of this project with be yet *another* text-based game! I hate to disappoint some of you for clicking on this, but there's still hope yet! I'm totally into trying to work new ideas into the game scene; so the good news is that it won't be a mafia game! Huzzah!

The basic overview is that I want to make a nation-managing game that combines a fair amount of politics with a whole lot of shoot-shoot-bang-bang as well. If anyone has ever visited NationStates or CyberNations, I am aiming to do a hybrid of both of sorts.

But my creative juices only go to a certain length and I know that bringing in a few new minds to the mix would definitely be much better for this project.

I am looking for some coders in the fields of PHP and MySQL stuff. Nothing too fancy. I myself never had time to learn PHP / MySQL and the bad news for me is that college starts next week, and I'm attending a military school in the US. So while my time would be extremely limited on learning something new, I am in the perfect position to run a community and keep things in check.

I cannot offer anything monetarily-wise right now. The first trickle of money would come off from Ad-Sense, and then some ideas down the road. If I can get a stable player-base, I have some techniques for bringing in some additional money that can be discussed down the road.

So please, if you're interested, post here or e-mail me through the forums. I will be setting up a forum for the team to communicate through next week if I can get a couple people helping.

In short...

Looking for CODERS - PHP / MySQL
Also possibly some people interested in moderating forums and just contributing ideas.

Thanks and I hope to hear from some of you! Of course, I will be around to discuss stuff here as well.