I am the webmaster of soccer-europe.com and within the past month have been working on getting a SE0 (Search Engine Optimisation) and design website off the ground. I am trying to put together a team of freelance designers so I can offer a graphics design service to my clients. Each designer will have an online portfolio hosted on a sub domain of the website. The idea is clients browse through the portfolios, pick a designer and contact me with their requirements. In turn I request an estimate for the work from the designers and take a 30% cut from the payment, the designers get 70%. Basically I act as the agent. I have six/seven designers in my team but so far only one has submitted a portfolio but two more should be online within the next week. I and am based in the UK. The website (seodesign.eu) will go live as soon as I have more portfolios but you can view the homepage here :


The first portfolio here :


And a mock template of another portfolio here :


Any questions just ask or send me an e-mail :