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    New idea for a site, need help though.

    This is going to be much similar to all other posts in this section. I would like to seperate from the rest. My site is not for the purpose of getting rich off of. It is a site I'd like to make just for the fun of it, and to see how well I can do with it. I will make a few bucks off of adsense, but my main goal would be to help users be able to share their content, as well as put it up for sale. I get no profit off of their videos or text documents. All I get is the ad money, and the views on my site. There's more to it, but I can't think what else I should include to show that I am not profitting off their work, and that I am making this for my entertainment. I like messing around on the web learning how things work. My goal would be to get a lot of viewers. Anyways ask any questions you want I'll most likely answer them here unless they are too specific on my idea.

    What I want from you? I would like you to design the site for me. You will need a knowledge of HTML, CSS, and probably php and javascript. What you get out of it is. A permanent banner on every single page on the site on the navigation bar. You will be the one at the top. This banner can link to anything you choose, as long as it isn't content unsuitable for a minor (as in under 18) site. I don't want to exclude minors as they may be submitting, and or viewing the most of it. That and you will get a 50% split of the adsense money, the banners I sell for approx $5 a month (about 5 of them will be there, 4 sold, 1 is yours), and any other possible income recieved. So questions to make this seem better for you?

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    This project sounds interesting,
    I have an endless amount of HTML and CSS experience and have had a year and a bit experience with PHP, MYSQL and Javascript.

    Just one question, what will you be contributing to the project besides the idea?

    PM me please!
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