Hi everyone, im the CEO of Aeromexico Virtual www.aeromexicov.org. Aeromexico Virtual, is a VA (Virtual Airline) this means that we simulate the organization in a webpage and air operations with a Flight Simulator. We are seeking for programmers, that can help us with this important project. What we need basically is a Management system.

This system would manage:

Our pilots- Displaying their own information: flight hours, rank, personal information, etc.

Our schedules and routes: -The real routes operated by Aeromexico, with flight number, aircraft type, departing airport, arrival airport, etc.

Our administrators: -Staff people

And our PIREP's -PIREP Stands for PIlot REPort which contains all the information of a flight, as load, passengers on board, fuel, flight time, departing time etc.

This is basically what whe need for the webpage.

The other part of the project is the Pilots Client this should connect to Flight Simulator, and record the flight data directly from the Simulator. Once the pilot has landed and turned off the engines of the aircraft, the PIREP and flight log should then be send to the webpage to add flight hours to the pilot.
(Flight Simulator, provides a Developers Kit, explaining briefly how can a developer can achieve this;well that was what I undestood

Our host has Unlimited space, MySQL databases and bandwith.

We can offer to interested people advertising their webpages, making them part of our staff if they wish, and if they need so, space in our web server. We can't offer salary because we make no profits with this project.

I hope someone could be interested in the project.Please contact me via MSNmessenger, e-mail, or whatever you want.

Thanks in advance.