basically i run a fansite for a band. we're a pretty big website but between myself and co-webmaster we have little to no time to create one application we have been wanting for a long while now.

as you are (probably) aware, bands perform gigs/concerts, and we are looking for a "gigography" of our band, which would basically mean users can check out forthcoming tour dates, ASWELL as past gigs. obviously our aim is to have a complete one. but basically we need somebody to set this up and allow us to add/delete/edit it etc.

the following website - - has exactly what we are looking for (with maybe one or two differences) but if you have a look at that, its essentially what we want to create.

if anybody is interested in this, then please let me know, although as far as pricing goes, it'd be my first "hiring" or anybody and i dont know price ranges. as i say, its something we could probably do but don't have the time.

alternatively, if anybody has a nice script we could use for this, that would be great.