I'm going to be a tad on the vague side but if I find the right person or people I'll get into more details...

I wrote a program a few years back that has been very well received. I am still distributing the program online as a beta and have yet to charge anything. Now I am developing the website that will work in conjunction with that program and there is still a ton of work to be done (also, I'm a relative newbie to javascript/php but am learning quickly).

My goal is to eventually sell the entire package (client app and access to the website). The community that is currently using the existing client app is relatively small, but the potential to sell to other similar markets is huge. I have already been in discussions with one of the key people involved in another market that is very interested in the product.

What I am looking for is not only a great programmer, but somebody who buys into the concept and will contribute in ways other than programming (design, marketing, etc).

OK, maybe that's a little too vague so to do a first pass filtering of people that are interested, I'll say a bit more. The existing program involves managing sporting event tournaments. The sport that it currently is being used for is one that involves only about 3000 players, nationwide. The key person I refer to above, who I have been in discussions with is inolved in a sport that inolves tens of thousands of players, and is televised (this person is one of the people in charge of the tournaments run on ESPN).

Although there are other programs that are used to manage sporting event tournaments, as far as I know there is nothing that compares to mine (he says, modestly). The website side of the system is critical and should really open the doors to making this appeal to other sports that run tournaments.

The "job" will pay nothing until a real company is built. I have been programming for over 30 years, have worked on a number of commercial products (from spreadsheets to accounting programs, to educational software, paint programs, and games), and have owned 2 small companies over the years. I have worked for the biggest companies, and the smallest. I've managed anywhere from 1 programmer to 50 programmers, but at heart, I'm just a nerdy programmer, myself. I have lots of experience in business and legal issues. I have been inches away from making zillions, but never quite made it. I was one of those who got crushed in the dot-com crash of '98.

If you would like to find out more, please respond and we can swap email addresses, take the conversation private, and see if there might be a match.