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    Looking for Coder for 2D MMORPG

    Hey everyone, My name is Justin Wells and I am here to offer you a co-partnership in the creation of my MMORPG, The Lands of Lacrith. I am a graphics artist and have been thinking up this game for a year or so now, and would finally like to create it. I would prefer this game to be coded in C++, But I'm flexible I suppose. Just send me a PM on here, Talk to me on MSN messenger at tru.arix@gmail.com, Or email the aforementioned address. If you are interested in this at all, just send me one and I'll give you the full details. Thanks Everyone.

    EDIT:: PS; This job currently isnt paying, But I'm buying a domain soon and I will be putting ads on it. So we can maybe make a little money. And you get half of course .
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    ooh, look what I found on Pixelation (posted on February 15, 2007):

    Hello everybody, my name is Justin Wells and I am currently seeking a Pixel Artist for my 2D MMORPG "The Lands of Lacrith". It is currently being coded in C++ and is a rather large job but may, in the long run, be quite rewarding. Currently, The game will be operating on donations and ads, but if all goes well there are hopes of becoming a P2P game. You will, of course, be given a share of the revenue. Wink. If you would like any info such as the storyline, style, ect. Please feel free to post here, PM me, Message me on MSN at tru.arix@gmail.com, Or send me an email at kngblaxk@gmail.com. Thanks everyone.
    Poor Justin, you said you were a graphic artist but here you are posting for an artist to do the art for your game..

    No coder and no artist...

    see the link here (if he hasn't erased it):


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    Good work. So basically all you have is an idea and nothing else?


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