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    Looking for PHP Coders

    Hello, I'm looking for PHP Coders for Nuklear Incorporated, it will be a Gaming Company for Epic, Wild, Exciting Games.. Our Current game we're working on is Magica.. Now we already have enough people for Game Development.. But we need a kicking Site and good Forums for us to get to know alot more..

    We're using a Linulti Engine, it is a varly great engine for using Quake 3 Material, but we're not using any of that.. We got enough people for the job there, and I myself am doing AI Programming.. We'll come up with 0.0001 of Magica soon..

    Now, to help you understand more of us, here is a list of people on the Team:
    Lo Ping(Cameron Spry)(Graphics Designer, Programmer(C++, C.net), Modeler, VB.net Student ATM))
    Deathfang(Tyler Shruckar)(Engine Developer))(Still Student ATM))
    LtP0wer((Justin Power-Janson, C++ Programmer, Co Chairman, Texture Designer, Ubuntu Programmer, Makes Windows Programs)
    ++Pwned++(James Utlam))(Server Manager, Owner of Domain))
    AdrianB(Adrian Barmlin)(Money Manager, Currency, Stocks))
    Kain(Paul Drockar)(Texture Designer, Modeller, Creativity(Ideas), MUD Developer))
    Blowdryer(Larrit Monita))(Pixel Designer, Modeller, Hardware Research, Copyrightments))
    Nuklear Inc(me, Alex Parme)((AI Programmer, C.NET, Chairman, Engine Developer, Software Corridinator))
    LazyAgentJedi(JJ D.)((Renderer, Creativity, MUD Programmer, Stocks, Modeller))

    Now, Magica, is a game that's set in a MMORPG and such.. The Story is where your Wife getts attacked by a Half Blooded Crude, and you need to get ahold of a Vampire Cult to find out how your Wife died, pretty weird sounding Storyline maybe, but it's all good.. Our Next game, ideas from Carmen.. Are set in a Futuristic Race(different Creatures) Mob but that's TBA and a Working Title.. Also our Concepts are taking a while to get ahold of but we're getting it.. We'll have 0.0001 Alpha of the game in no time!

    Now onto the Point, a PHP Coder.. Eh, we'll share half the money from Magica, which will be about $40.99, so me and my Employers will set this out.. Me and a few Developers will set the Ideas for the site and forums.. We'll help you out with anything you need in the process of making the site and forums!

    I'll PM anyone who is willing to do this with a Future Profit of any money that goes into Magica, and our friends of heard of the game, and will possibly buy it.. So I'll say around $20.00 Dollars for the future Profit!

    I do not need Smartasses on here, if you are wanting the Job.. Great, we'll sign you up on the employees management.. Either a Yes or No, and Why or Why not..

    We'll get you going with everything once we get a PM that you want to sign up for this, and add your Name, Phone Number, Contact Email, and that's it..

    Me and my Employers will decide if it's ok to accept you in the Job, we'll need a Sample of the Sites you've made before, the Code, and more!

    If we notice you're Fake in anyway possible, we'll delete you from the Management, this Management Holds us together as Employers/Team! Thank you~

    By Alex Parme~

    Here are some Models of what our Modellers made, not much, but they're good..

    A road: :P

    - Landscape Design
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    nice modells, get in touch with me at http://www.paramiliar.com and we shal see what we can do
    Matthew Bagley
    Paramiliar Design Studios
    Website Design | Website Development | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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    whatever video game that will feature a sword gun plasma rifle machine gun that shoots other swords...i want to play that game...
    good luck!
    ▲ ▲

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    I am a PHP Coder!
    So my answer is:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuklear Inc View Post
    This is the simplest version of Ka D'argo qualta blade. It should be implemented in a Farscape game.


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