Hey, I am working on developing an idea for an online store... I've done the layout and did some of the database work, however I'm looking for someone to help me complete it and get it off the ground.

I can provide, the idea, layout, design, engineering, and minor to moderate programming. As far as marketing goes, I have access to Natasha Yi's FanMail list for when it is ready (75,000) people nationwide. I helped a friend start a magazine called Karma in which the company will be featured in each issue displaying up and coming talents. And my brother has a Radio show in NYC on 92.3 FREEFM in which he can promote the site as well. Google any of those references if you'd like.

I am looking for someone who knows moderate XHTML/CSS.. PHP/MYSQL a must and some javascript would be nice and Ajax would have me sold for sure..

I am fairly new at getting my hands dirty with web devolpment but i've been around a long time..

If you'd like to speak more about it PM me.