I am looking for programmers who want to work with me to create a successful 3D Zelda game.

This game is based on "The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time" and will feature the old world and a new dungeon.

I have a small team of graphics artists and I have the storyline down.

I am doing 3D models and working on the textures, a friend of mine is also working on them and altering them.
I also have beta testers who are more than willing to help the game out as well.

(Hopefully you played and beat The Ocarina of Time)

After Link successfully banished Ganondorf from the world he lives in, Zelda took Link back into his time as a child where he met Princess Zelda.

Many years have passed since this event and Link is back to his old self as when he became an adult or the Hero of Time.

A new evil has taken its step into the depths of water where the Zora's humbly live, threatening their very existance.
It is up to Link and a few of his friends to take out the evil that threatened the Zora's and make peace within the Zora's land once again.

End of story ->

What I want to go for is the same exact thing of the Ocarina of Time and have all that it had, including weapons and upgrades.
I am still working on modeling and design aspects, that and I am finding out solutions to dungeons and puzzles I want to implement

If you want some screenshots or renders of what I have done, head here: