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    Trying to use aliases within a inner join query in PHP

    $query = "(SELECT * FROM wine a INNER JOIN manufacturer b ON a.manufacturer_manufacturer_id = b.manufacturer_id INNER JOIN region c ON a.manufacturer_region_id = c.region_id INNER JOIN grape_variety d ON a.grape_variety_grape_id = d.grape_id)";

    This was my original query to pull all the data from my db but as the names of the manufacturers, wines and regions are called 'name' in the SQL tables I need to put aliases in to pull out the correct data for each name.

    //loop through selected table
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($data_wine, MYSQL_BOTH))
    $data .= '<item>';
    //$data .= '<ID>' .(utf8_encode($row['wine_id'])). '</ID>';
    $data .= '<wine_name>' .(utf8_encode($row['name'])). '</wine_name>';
    //$data .= '<type>' .(utf8_encode($row['type'])). '</type>';
    //$data .= '<alcohol_percentage>' .(utf8_encode($row['alcohol_percentage'])). '</alcohol_percentage>';
    //$data .= '<winecol>' .(utf8_encode($row['winecol'])). '</winecol>';
    //$data .= '<acidity>' .(utf8_encode($row['acidity'])). '</acidity>';
    //$data .= '<fruit>' .(utf8_encode($row['fruit'])). '</fruit>';
    //$data .= '<tannin>' .(utf8_encode($row['tannin'])). '</tannin>';

    $data .= '<man_name>' .(utf8_encode($row['name'])). '</man_name>';
    //$data .= '<town>' .(utf8_encode($row['town'])). '</town>';
    //$data .= '<country>' .(utf8_encode($row['country'])). '</country>';
    //$data .= '<latitude>' .(utf8_encode($row['latitude'])). '</latitude>';
    //$data .= '<longitude>' .(utf8_encode($row['longitude'])). '</longitude>';

    //$data .= '<region_name>' .(utf8_encode($row['name'])). '</region_name>';
    //$data .= '<description>' .(utf8_encode($row['description'])). '</description>';
    //$data .= '<woeid>' .(utf8_encode($row['woeid'])). '</woeid>';
    //$data .= '<population>' .(utf8_encode($row['population'])). '</population>';

    //$data .= '<grape_name>' .(utf8_encode($row['name'])). '</grape_name>';
    //$data .= '<origin_country>' .(utf8_encode($row['origin_country'])). '</origin_country>';
    $data .= '</item>';

    I have tried to do adjust my query multiple times and i just cant get it to work properly
    $query = "(SELECT wine.name AS winename, manufacturer.name AS manname, FROM wine, manufacturer WHERE wine.manufacturer_manufacturer_id = manufacturer.manufacturer_id)";
    This is my last attempt to simply use aliases and pull out the correct data for wine and manufacturer names
    (I have obviously adjusted 'name' to 'winename' in the while loop).

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