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    function to add st, nd, rd or th after a number.

    Greetings all

    Wrote a little snippet to add st, nd, rd or th after a number put in it.

    Useable for creating numbers like "1st, 11th, 254th" etc etc.

    PHP Code:
    function stnd ($value) {
    $fixes = array("th""st""nd""rd""th""th""th""th""th""th");
    $eleven substr($value, -2);
    $subject substr($value, -1);
        if (
    $eleven 11 || $eleven 13) {
    $value .""$fixes["$subject"];
        } elseif(
    $eleven 10 && $eleven 14) {

    used by called the function like normal

    PHP Code:
    echo stnd(244);
    // Will output "244th" 
    Have a nice day all..

    Last edited by Jilli; 12-05-2013 at 11:37 AM. Reason: Edited as i discovered an issue with 311th and similar. Should work now for all numbers.


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