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Hello Again, tried that but it looks like there has been too many changes, especially templates. Looks like I will be stuck with old version or need to replace everything.

I compared version 1.4 and version 1.42 in our version control system, and the following files have changed since version 1.4:

app/Views/pages/grab.php Modified (content only)
app/Views/pages/result.php Modified (content only)
app/Views/pages/developers.php Modified (content only)
app/Templates/xeon/layouts/default/header.php Modified (content only)
app/Templates/xeon/assets/css/main.css Modified (content only)
app/Templates/xeon/assets/js/app.js Modified (content only)
app/Templates/default/layouts/default/header.php Modified (content only)
app/Templates/default/assets/css/main.css Modified (content only)
app/Templates/default/assets/js/app.js Modified (content only)
app/Controllers/PagesController.php Modified (content only)
app/Languages/en.php Modified (content only)
app/Languages/de.php Modified (content only)
lib/Remote.php Modified (content only)
lib/VideoConverter.php Modified (content only)
lib/Cache.php Modified (content only)
lib/FFmpeg.php Modified (content only)
lib/Config.php Modified (content only)
lib/YouTubeData.php Modified (content only)
lib/extractors/Extractor.php Modified (content only)
docs/index.html Modified (content only)
docs/img/button-api-mergedstreams.png Added (content only)
inc/version.php Modified (content only)
inc/schedule.php Modified (content only)
As you can see, the majority of changes actually do not affect the default templates (in the "app/Templates" directory).

Moreover, further comparison of code in each of the modified, template-related files reveals a relatively small number of code changes in those files.

So, I'm not sure which files you have edited in your installation, but there may be less work here than you think -- IF the bulk of your customizations are to template-related files.

Good luck!