Hi there, I spent the last few nights making a game system with PHP and MySQL. The games currently available are three types of slots, and a coin toss game. The games are completely free, and there is no advertisement on the site at all.

If you have the time, please create an account and try it out. You currently do not need to validate your e-mail adress, you don't need to enter one at all, because the system is still in the testing stages.

What I want you to do, is just to try it out, give me your thoughts on it; do you like it or not? Found any bugs? Got any ideas for other minigames? Some function you'd like added?

I would really appreciate to get some outside feedback on this, so far only my friends have tried the games.

PHP Gaming Corner

If you want the source code, let me know. Can't be bothered to put it here if no one is going to look at it anyway.