Using the Recursive Directory Listing (Show full directory structure) post, I have amended it slightly to allow a user to fully delete an entire directory recursively, please note this may not work in Safe Mode PHP depending on settings.

PHP Code:

function remDirectory$path '.'){

$ignore = array( 'cgi-bin''.''..' );
// Directories to ignore when listing output. Many hosts
    // will deny PHP access to the cgi-bin.

$dh = @opendir$path );
// Open the directory to the handle $dh
while( false !== ( $file readdir$dh ) ) ){
// Loop through the directory
if( !in_array$file$ignore ) ){
// Check that this file is not to be ignored     
if( is_dir"$path/$file) ){
// Its a directory, so we need to keep reading down...
// Re-call this same function but on a new directory.
                // this is what makes function recursive.
} else {
// Just print out the filename
closedir$dh );
// Close the directory handle




Just incase anyone was wondering if the two could be user together you could probably make a nice combination of the two with a 3rd param which specifies what kind of action the function is performing.

Hope it helps someone!