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Thread: Folder Viewer

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    Folder Viewer

    Someone came to the forums asking for such a thing. I had a script I used as a folder viewer in the past so I got hold of the script and re coded it a bit for the sake of anyone wanting a Folder Viewer. Unfortunately the script relies heavily on Java Script. This is due to popular browsers lack of support for styling select tags. And also to capture double click events. Since I started using Java Script I decided to finish using it so the Viewer uses Ajax to refresh the folder list after a new folder has been selected. There is no forward or back control as of yet, but you do have an up a level button. I didn't provide provisions for setting user parameters such as widths, heights and colours etc. To edit these just hack the stylesheet.css file. Eventually I think i will turn this into a class, when I get time. Please have a go with this and let me know about any bugs/ feedback! Thanks.
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