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    Dynamic class extending.

    I had this idea to check if it wouldn't be possible to, somehow, be able to extend a class dynamically. It turns out it is.
    I've written two classes that allow you to do this. It is a sort of hack but it works astonishingly well.
    To make it work you just have to extend your class by the "dynamic_extend" class and tell it which classes you'd like to have as children.
    PHP Code:
    require 'dynamic_oop.class.php';

    my_extend-able_class extends dynamic_extend
    $property 'Set by parent';
    $foo $this->function_in_child_class();
    // and so on...
    $c = new my_extend-able_class;
    // and so forth...
    There is another class, "dynamic_parent" which allows you for this to work both ways.
    The class that will become a child of the extend-able class should be extended by it, but it is not required.
    PHP Code:
    class child_class extends dynamic_parent
    $this->property 'Set by dynamic child!';

    Calling the parent's elements is only possible after extending it with the dynamic parent.

    This hack does have some limitations:
    • method_exists()/property_exists() will return a wrong value. To overcome this "dynamic_extend" has methods (has_method()/has_property()) that will return the correct answer. Some other functions may give false results as well.
    • Constants are currently not passed. This can be done though.
    • Interface will not be inherited. There is no way to fix this though it is not really needed for dynamically added children.
    • No errors are given even if invalid actions are made (requesting a protected method from outside class for example). This can be arranged
    • The reflection API won't see the child elements. This could be fixed by extending some reflection classes.
    • Children can't overload anything. This can probably be fixed.

    I don't recommend anyone to start using it unless they're sure what they're doing. It's more of nice thing to check out.
    PHP Code:
    require 'dynamic_oop.class.php';

    $parent = new parent_class();


    $parent->foo ' World';


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    I'm not sure if this was any help, but I hope it didn't make you stupider.

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