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    free javascript collaboration tool from mozilla

    i came across an amazing script today, together.js, and though i did not write it, i find it incredibly useful.

    It's super-simple to use; it adds it own interface to any page/app. you don't need to know anything about javascript to let people work together on the same html page. you can let strangers or specific people edit the same page in real time, much like google docs.

    all the user needs to do is send out an invite to a url it provides via it's own GUI.
    all the developer needs to do is add one script tag and one button to launch it:

    here is a live demonstration:
    <h1>come together</h1>
    <textarea cols=110 rows=30></textarea>
    <button onclick="TogetherJS(this); return false;">Start TogetherJS</button>
    <script src="https://togetherjs.com/togetherjs-min.js"></script>
    to see in action,
    1. visit the link
    2. click the button
    3. follow the on-screen info to generate an invite url
    4. open the invite url using a different browser or device
    5. type in the textarea
    6. look at the other browser/device, it should be synced!

    you can also text and voice chat using the on-sceen interface.

    not bad for free and without ads and the nasty for-profit privacy intrusion you find in other "free" APIs like this.

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    jsFiddle has a new option for a collaboration tool they have been trying out. I havent tried it with anyone yet.


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