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    JavaScript x86 32-bit Assembler

    Intel based windows 32-bit systems only.

    This is a toy JavaScript assembler I wrote long, long ago.
    To create and save a com file, the app needs to be run on the desktop as an HTA - just use an .hta extension instead of .htm.
    The app uses VBS for binary file storage, but the assembler code and opcode data is JS.

    The main points:
    • A verbose intel x86 (32-bit) Assembler made sometime around '04?
    • This is an incomplete toy 32-bit assembler. The programs it writes will not work on a 64-bit machines
    • Write x86 Assembly code in the left textarea. The compiled result displays in the right.
    • 5 small program examples are available in the selection list
    • The app creates real 32-bit com files, but the opcode results should be verified before executing any file.
    • The app is strict, inneficient, and has no built in operational help.
    • If you need to jump, you'll need to count bytes and specify the target memory locations.

    The files this code creates will only work on an intel based x86 32-bit OS.
    The files will not work on modern 64-bit systems, nor on non-intel based systems.

    Selected points:
    The intel opcode data is held in hashes in a verbose form
    //opcode elements
    //a value of -1 indicates the element is not used.
    //intelOpcode[N][0]=re pattern		//valid regular expression matching the opcodes mnemonic syntax
    //intelOpcode[N][1]=opcodeLayout	//intel opcode binary desrciption
    //intelOpcode[N][2]=RegLoc		//location of registrer in string
    //intelOpcode[N][3]=ArgLoc		//location of argument in string
    //intelOpcode[N][4]=ArgLen		//length of argumemt in string
    //intelOpcode[N][5]=Byte Length		//length of ml instruction in bytes
    //cmp reg8, imm8		1000 00x0 11111-r/m imm
    //cmp al, imm		0011 1100 imm
    intelOpcode["cmp byte immediate to AL"]=[]
    intelOpcode["cmp byte immediate to AL"]["regexp mnemonic pattern"]=/cmp al, [0-9a-f]{2}/
    intelOpcode["cmp byte immediate to AL"]["opcode bit pattern"]="00111100"
    intelOpcode["cmp byte immediate to AL"]["register location in string"]=-1
    intelOpcode["cmp byte immediate to AL"]["argument location in string"]=8
    intelOpcode["cmp byte immediate to AL"]["argument length"]=2
    intelOpcode["cmp byte immediate to AL"]["byte length"]=2
    The assembler function uses the opcode hash with the program input by the user to create the hex/machinelanguage code:
    function Assemble(input){
    	var d="00000000"
    	for(var i in intelOpcode){
    		if(intelOpcode[i]["regexp mnemonic pattern"].test(input.toLowerCase())==true){
    			InstructionPointer+=parseInt(intelOpcode[i]["byte length"])
    			d=intelOpcode[i]["opcode bit pattern"]
    			if(intelOpcode[i]["register location in string"]>-1){
    				var rm=regmap1[input.substr(intelOpcode[i]["register location in string"],2).toUpperCase()]
    			if(/ppp/.test(intelOpcode[i]["opcode bit pattern"])){
    				var qm=regmap1[input.substr(intelOpcode[i]["argument location in string"],intelOpcode[i]["argument length"]).toUpperCase()]
    						d+=hextobin(input.substr(intelOpcode[i]["argument location in string"],intelOpcode[i]["argument length"]))
    					if(intelOpcode[i]["argument location in string"]>-1){
    							var hb=input.substr(intelOpcode[i]["argument location in string"],2)
    							var lb=input.substr(intelOpcode[i]["argument location in string"]+2,2)
    							d+=hextobin(input.substr(intelOpcode[i]["argument location in string"],intelOpcode[i]["argument length"]))
    	return d
    Lack of document.getElementById use is due to this code targeting .hta making it mshta.exe specific.
    The textarea scrolling is kept synchronized with the following code:
    The id of one textarea is "instring", the other is "tres".
    The n argument is 0 when tres is scrolled and 1 when instring is scrolled.
    function keeptogether(n){
    The full app is in the attached zip.
    Change the .txt extension to .hta to use the app.
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