I am Bastien, i'm the front-end dev/designer at CBS in france (cnet, zdnet, gamekult etc). For more than one year i am developping a jQuery plugin which goal is to have
- fixed position
- align and limit elements between themeselves : kindeof layout manager in fact
- very simple & generic menu stuff (which enable carrousels, tabs megadropdown etc in 2 sec)
- inner-page messages
- highlight elements (popIn & popOut element in front of a dark veil)

The interesting point is that all the features are very powerfull and flexibles. I tried to optimize it as much as I could alone. The whole plugin is 31kb compressed.

I am writting in the forum because my dream would be to have this plugin tried by the community and I hope this could help the developers/designers.

Tthe site where i tried to show all the stuff is


there are detailed the plugin features as well as an Aspect Oriented CSS that all my friends developpers now use here..

If you want to contact me / make a comment on it, just don't hesitate. My goal is to help if I can the community (support the Open Web... )

all the best