Hello Javascript professionals!

I am looking for some help here...I'm working on my wordpress blog site and I see that the images are stretched. I've checked other websites with the same themes but they don't. It seem to have the problem with changing dimesion from 16:9 to 4:3 so I believe there's something wrong with my code.

Does anyone can have a look into my codes and give me some help what to change or rewrite, alternatively I can post my javascript coding just let me know from which of the following wordpress files?

* 404 Template
* Archives
* Blog Page Template
* Comments
* Footer
* Header
* Main Index Template
* Page Template
* Portfolio Page Template
* Search Results
* Sidebar
* Single Post
* Theme Functions
* breadcrumb.php
* header-portfolio.php
* style.php
* timthumb.php
* upload.php
* wp-pagenavi.php

My website is http://www.freewordpressblogsite.com/

Thanks a lot in advance for any sort of help.