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    Display time of last visit

    Hello, and thanks for a great forum

    I have downloaded a script called Display time of last visit.

    Since I live in Norway, so the date is on the wrong line. It's November 18, but I want the date to be before the month if ya know what I mean. Is there anyone out there who can be so kind and help me change the script so that it is correct? I've tried, but .....

    this is what it says now:

    Thursday, November 18, 2010 09:59:28 AM I want it to be (is it is possibe to remove AM ?)
    Thursday, 18, November 2010 09:59:28 AM

    Sincerely, fa Norway

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    Can you show us the code?
    By the way, removing the AM/PM may make it confusing if you don't change it so it displays the time as a 24 hours clock.


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