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    display any RSS feed

    I just came across the YQL service from yahoo, and I am impressed.

    It allows you run an SQL-like query against web searches, web pages, and rss feeds, among other sources.
    The results are available in JSONP, so you can use the service from any website.
    Unlike Pipes, YQL doesn't seem to require any registration to use.

    Using the RSS feature, i was able to build one of my simplest RSS>HTML scripts yet.

    You might want to customize at least the green parts, but this should be enough to get you started...

    view live demo

    <head>	<title>News</title>
    	body{ background: #fff;}
    	li { padding: 1em; margin-right: 40%;background:#efe; border: 1px solid #000;
    		margin-bottom: 1em;list-style:none;}
    	a { text-decoration: none;font: 133% serif;color:blue;}
    	a:hover { text-decoration: underline;}
    	img {border: 3px solid #000; margin: 0 0.5em;}
    function request(str){  //request builder (don't modify)
      function addScript(u){ var sc2=document.createElement('script'); 
       sc2.src=u;return document.getElementsByTagName('*')[1].appendChild(sc2) }
     var url="http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql?q="+encodeURIComponent(str)+
     return addScript(url);
    if (![].map) {//for IE and opera compatibility:
     Array.prototype.map=function(fun){var len=this.length,res=new Array(len),t=arguments[1];
     for(var i=0;i<len;i++){if(i in this){res[i]=fun.call(t,this[i],i,this);}}return res;};
    function incoming(ob){ //view builder (customize if needed)
        var r=ob.query.results.item;
            return "<li title='"+a.pubDate+"'>"+ 
    		  a.title.link(a.link).big()+ "<br />"+
    }// end incoming()
    //example request:
    'select title, link, pubDate, description \
    from rss \
    where url="http://www.voanews.com/english/customCF/RecentStoriesRSS.cfm?keyword=Science%20and%20Technology" '
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