Hello. I've done most of the coding by myself already but can't get the pieces together. I can display a random message via the array and I already have my text book and submit button done, but can't figure out how to get user input to be put where it should go. I've been on this thing for a few hours and I'm slowly pulling my hair out. Any help would be well appreciative. Thank you

<title>Random Message</title>

<script type="text/javascript">

var userMessages = new Array();
userMessages[0] = "Merry Christmas,";
userMessages[1] = "Happy Halloween, ";
userMessages[2] = "Happy New Years, ";
userMessages[3] = "Happy Easter, ";
userMessages[4] = "Happy Earth Day, ";
userMessages[5] = "Happy Valentine's Day";
userMessages[6] = "Happy Thanksgiving, ";
userMessages[7] = "Happy 4thh of July, ";
userMessages[8] = "Happy St. Patrick's Day, ";
userMessages[9] = "Happy Memorial Day, ";

window.onload = function ()
document.getElementById("generateUserMessage").innerHTML = userMessages[Math.floor(Math.random()*userMessages.length)];

/*function getUserName()
var userName;
userName = getElementById(userName);



<div id="generateUserMessage"></div>

<h1>What is your name?</h1>

<input type ="text" id="userName" name="userName" size=10 >
<input type ="button" value="Submit" onClick="">