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    Read this before you post a script

    This is a new (and experimental) category added for seasoned JavaScripters to post a useful script or code snippet to benefit the public or for critiquing. The emphasis here is "seasoned" and "useful." For those new to JavaScript, this is not the forum to showcase "my first script", or ask for help debugging one.

    Furthermore, this forum should only be used for genuine code sharing and discussion. Do not spam or use this forum to promote your own script pages.

    When posting the actual script/code, try and put it inline on the page (format it if necessary using the CODE tag). Only resort to attaching the script or posting a link to it as second and third alternatives, such as when the script is extremely lengthy or consists of multiple components. Also, be sure to provide a description and any relevant info regarding the script.

    To maintain the theme in here, I'll be deleting any posts that do not fit the above guidelines as I see them, rather than move or close it. No warnings/explanations will be issued either (it's just easier this way).
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    How about renaming this forum "Post a Completed Javascript"? "Post a Javascript" could well mean "Post a Uncompleted Javascript".



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