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    include() and GET

    Hi everyone-

    I'm including php pages in <div> tags using include('pagename.php') -
    I'm using the <div>s so I can have a little tab navigation system...

    One page I am including uses GET actions in navigation (previous, next, etc.) - but when these navigation links are clicked, it opens the URL and exits the page that uses the <div>.

    Is there any way to keep it all in that <div>? In other words, I want to be able to navigate around in my included page while still displaying the tabs for navigation at the top.

    Any suggestions?

    Is there a way to tell it to include 'pagename.php' and anything else (i.e. 'pagename.php?skip=whatever_number'

    I hope I am being clear enough... Thanks, everyone..

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    just do this

    do the page actions from myNewPage.php

    POST vars will be posted to the master page, any page that is being included is having it's code displayed on the master page.

    So, if you have a URL var, or a HTTP var on the Master page, any pages that are included can work with them.

    myNewPage.php will post 'USERNAME'
    public string ConjunctionJunction(string words, string phrases, string clauses)
    return (String)(words + phrases + clauses);
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