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    PHP Frameworks? Any Recommendations???

    Ok, So I've been doing php programming for about 5 years now, and over that time I've been building several code libraries that help me quickly build web apps for clients. Really helps from a business perspective. But recently, I've been hearing more and more about frameworks, and although "technically" my code libraries may qualify as a "framework", I'm still thinking about trying a new project starting from a framework.

    I was just wondering if anyone has experience with PHP frameworks? Some of the frameworks I've been looking at include:

    Zend Framework

    Just curious what experience any of you may have had with them


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    My opinion is this.. Rails *should* be the future of 'web frameworks' and you have probably seen a lot of knock off of it(the Zend Framework is certainly influenced by it).. but yeah, you and I are both stuck using PHP.. so, I suppose i'd go with the Zend Framework if only because it is supported by Zend but I bet they'll find a way to charge money for it (it may also be better documented and have a larger community base in the long run). I personally like developing different minimalistic MVC approaches (for now) so my experience with the existing ones is limited.
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