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    regular expression for price

    Ok i need a good regular expression to check for a price format. Price looks like:

    65.50 or 65

    decimal is optional. Anyone know?

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    Regular Coder ralph l mayo's Avatar
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    I think this works, it may not be the best: ^[0-9]+(\.[0-9]{2})?$
    (translation: from the beginning (^) match only numbers for however many there are, at least one, optionally followed by a group containing a decimal and two more numbers before the end of the string ($))
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    this also works:

    reg = /^\d+(\.\d{2})?$/;

    I see you beat me to it Ralph!

    Edit: just to see how it works wth different numbers:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var string = new Array();
    string[1] = "109.50";
    string[2] = "19.50";
    string[3] = "0.50";
    string[4] = "19";
    string[5] = "9.0.7";
    string[6] = "word";
    string[7] = "9.7";
    string[8] = ".45";
    reg = /^\d+(\.\d{2})?$/;
    for (x=1; x<=8; x++)
    	if (reg.test(string[x]))
    		document.write(string[x]+' is a valid price.<br>');
    		document.write(string[x]+' is NOT a valid price.<br>');

    109.50 is a valid price.
    19.50 is a valid price.
    0.50 is a valid price.
    19 is a valid price.
    9.0.7 is NOT a valid price.
    word is NOT a valid price.
    9.7 is NOT a valid price.
    .45 is NOT a valid price.
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    Regards, R.J.


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