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    Sorting an array by field(s)

    Hi everyone, I am trying to sort an array taken from an sql query by a particular field from the array. Basically I am developing my own crude PHP forums and wish to sort the threads a user has made by date and time so latest is first. I have taken a custom sort function to sort the array before looping through and printing the results. Thing is all it seems to do is remove the first entry.

    PHP Code:
              if ( 
    $x[3] == $y[3] )
              else if ( 
    $x[3] < $y[3] )
              return -
    //echo $row['thread_name'];
    //echo $row['keyword_1'];
    //echo $row['keyword_2'];
    //echo $row['keyword_3'];
    //echo $row['category_name'];
    //echo $row['username'];
    "Thread:".$count.". <a href ='showthread.php?thread_id=".$threadid."'>".$threadname."</a> Posted By: ".$threadauthor." at ".$time." on ".$date."<br />";
    Since the sort function needs to be outside the while loop, I have stored the array '$query' in the variable '$row'. Am i performing the sort on the wrong variable? Either way, what is the syntax for a while statement when I have already stored $query in $row? I am so used to doing it all in one line I am unsure how to seperate them so it works. Also I am not sure if the sort code is adapted to sort particlar fields in the database correctly, any help with this would be awesome, thanks.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Wouldn't it be better to pull the data from the database in the correct order. Instead of pulling the data then sorting the data then printing the data


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