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    how to upload mysql database file to any server

    How to upload MYSQL database file(*.sql) to a server . Because my hosting provider does not have a powerful control panel. I just know the username, password and ip address of the server on which i can upload database file.

    plz reply

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    The easiest way would be to create an upload directory, read the file contents and follow the instructions.
    .sql files contain a query on a single line of instruction. file() is a good option to use if you create a temporary file for it. Otherwise, you would need to create an array out of your temporary data by exploding it on each newline.
    From that point, running a query would be a cinch. The trickier part will be to impliment some sort of security and control to it.
    Will this be enough to help, or would you like a quick example?

    Sorry, I lied. It appears not all queries are stored on newlines, create table for instance is on multiple lines.
    I'll look into it a little more for the best route. Worse come to worse, use xml.
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