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    Problem with mail()...

    Anyway, let me give you some background. I downloaded the installer package apache2triad since my every attemt to install PHP and MySQL failed miserably. Anyways, here's what the package included:

    Apache version 2.0.50 with ApacheMonitor 2.0.45 and 2.0.50
    MySQL 4.0.20 with MyODBC 3.51 and winMYSQLadmin 1.4
    OpenSSL 0.9.7c with mod_ssl 2.0.46 and SSLCert 1.0
    XMail 1.20 with Xmail Queue Manager 1.47
    SlimFTPd 3.15 with PHPsFTd 0.1
    Python 2.3.2 with mod_python 3.1.3 , Py2exe 0.5.0, MySQL-python 0.9.2 and Spyce 1.3.12
    Perl 5.8.3 with mod_perl 1.99_13 apache2 module , Apache::ASP and PPM 0.18
    PHP 5.0.0 with Pear ,Smarty 2.6.3 ,Zend Opt. 2.5.3 , Dbg 2.11.26 and Xdebug 4.3.2
    TCL 8.4.5 with TK 8.4 and Vtcl 1.6.0
    + PHPXMail 0.69 ,UebiMiau 2.7.5 , PHPmyadmin 2.5.7 , AWStats 6.1

    The only things in that list that I know how to use is the phpMyAdmin, since I don't know how to use XMail, Perl, Python, ASP, And all that crap.

    Now then, on to my problem:

    Warning: mail() [C:\apache2triad\php\manual\function.mail.html]: SMTP server response: 550 Relay denied in C:\apache2triad\htdocs\mailtest.php on line 3
    The Code:

    PHP Code:

    ('xxtremegamer9999@aol.com''Test Subject''Test Message');

    Very short code, Just wanted to test it. Anyways, I don't know anything about PHP's mail() function, but I do know that I have it set to on in the PHP config file. So, what's wrong.

    *Has Windows XP*

    Oh, and I have all this on my computer under localhost, since I don't have a domain. And I have dial-up, so my IP address changes constantly. Just in case that helps...

    Also, someone else at another forums said that I needed a program call SendMail. Can someone tell me about it? Thanks in advance.

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    you will need to configure and run Xmail & configure your php.ini to use it.

    currently PHP is trying to send mail without authorisation and your ISP is denying this (as they should) , so make sure that xmail is running & configured & that it is listening on the same port as noted in your php.ini SMTP port setting.

    I know nothing of xmail though there is a readme at http://www.xmailserver.org/Readme.html

    sendmail is simply a another (far more popular especially on *NIX(the standard *NIX mailserver)) mailserver, you dont need it if you have another (like xmail).
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    I've read that readme before, but couldn't understand it. Can someone tell me what to look for in both config files to see if they match?



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