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    Regex breaks down when it encounters a degree symbol º or ampersand &

    Hi there. I have a javascript code that packages an array as a string and sends it to a php mailer, which then separates the string into an array for mailing using a preg_split regular expression that searches for a comma followed by an html tag.

    $myWrongArray = preg_split("/,(?=<)/",$myVar); // lookahead splits the string when the comma is before a tag (the opening bracket < )
    //The look ahead is (?=<), which interrogates the next character and if it is the angle bracket, <, the preg_split function operates.

    Everything works great EXCEPT when the string contains a degree sign º or an &, in which case the array is returned up to (but not including) the º or & and then stops.

    I can’t for the life of me understand it. Any ideas?

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    Can you post an example where that happens?
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    I think @Dormilich is right in that we need to see a sample string where it's screwing up... but... well...

    That it appears you're trying to use regex on markup from JavaScript, means you are likely handling markup in JavaScript... where markup USUALLY has ZERO business being in the first place... at least if this is client side. Even if server-side, you'd be building not deconstructing so I'm curious as to the usage case.

    What are you working on where the bad practice of trying to manipulate markup from JavaScript is even a thing? Is this something you could parse down in a dummy DIV to a DOM node tree, then handle by DOM walking checking for comma's at the end of textNodes?
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