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    How to pass SESSION values to table ?

    I am under developing PHP add to cart without DB, so that i am using SESSION, actually get data from fetch_data.php data to my_cart.php using the POST method, successfully retun the values,

    After receiving the post data how can i convert to display like a table.


    fetch_data.php return values.


    & values received


    Here is my my_cart.php :

    PHP Code:
    // FYI -> Here i am using only two fields :  voice_sku & voice_name 

    <table width="100%" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0">
     <th>Voice Sku</th>
     <th>Voice Name</th>


    $voice_sku '';
    $voice_name '';

    $_POST['voice_sku'])&& isset($_POST['voice_name']))
    // print_r($_POST);
     // die();
    $voice_sku $_POST['voice_sku'];
    $voice_name $_POST['voice_name'];
    $_SESSION['voice_sku'] = $voice_sku;
    $_SESSION['voice_name'] = $voice_name;

     <td colspan="5">
     <span style="float:right;text-align: right;">
     <!--  -->
     <td colspan="5">
     <a href="index.php" class="button">Add More Items</a>
     <button type="submit">Update</button>


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    where you're doing your var_dump, replace with an "echo" statement using the values. I HIGHLY suggest you use htmlspecialchars to prevent people sending JavaScript as content, resulting in what's known as a XSS exploit.

    $safeSku = htmlspecialchars($_SESSION['voice_sku']);
    echo '
    		<th scope="row">', $safeSku, '</th>
    		<td>', htmlspecialchars($_SESSION['voice_name']), '</td>
    				value="', $safeSku, '"
    				title="Mark for Removal"
    Is roughly how I'd handle that. I'd store the specialchars version in the variable since it's used more than once. Good rule of thumb? Used only once, no extra variable. Used more than once, extra variable. The checkbox is structured in a way your "update" button should be able to handle mass removals. SErver side that would send you $_POST['remove'] as an array containing all the SKU's to remove. $_POST['remove'] will not exist if no checkboxes are selected.

    I guessed wildly, but assumed batch removal would be more desirable than one at a time.

    Note, whatever that span is for, don't do that! Style in markup == BAD since that's not HTML's job, and if you want alignment that's nothing you can't apply to the TD (so far).

    Also, the "add more" and "update" aren't really part of the tabular data, I would put it after the table instead of before. That or I'd put into into a TFOOT since again, it's not part of the table's "body' of data.

    ... and don't forget to scope="col" your THEAD's TH.
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    OP has already been answered on other forums and so far has no implemented the things he was already told.
    To save time, lets just assume I am almost never wrong.

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