Hi all,

I'm new to PHP and this forum. I have a background in embedded C/C++ development and more recently C#.Net.

I have a client who needs his website to access a web service via SOAP to download software.

I am planning to use WordPress to do this and write a plugin in PHP for it.

This is what needs to happen:-

The SOAP plugin needs an event listener or equivalent, to receive a Product Code when a website product is selected via a button click (Purchase button). When the payment transaction has been confirmed the Plugin then passes the Product Code to a Web Service. The web service then responds with a download link and activation code. The plugin then passes this information to an email plugin that passes the details to the customer via auto email. If the payment is not confirmed the code should be disposed of.

I am just learning PHP and would like somebody to please confirm for me that this is possible in PHP?

Thanks so much!