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    Prevent dialogue re-displaying when back button is clicked

    I have created a form which works as required, on submission a modal dialogue displays based on a GET variable

    PHP Code:
    header("Location: index.php?feedback=feedback&thanks=$thanks");
    $_GET['thanks']) && $_GET['thanks'] == 'Thanks'){        
    $thanks "<h2 class='thank'>Thank you!</h2><p>Your Feedback<br>is Appreciated!</p>";        
    $_GET['thanks'] = '';       
    $thanks =  '';                

    which contains a close button.

    Close: function () {
    When the close button is clicked the page reloads an everything is fine.

    However if the browser back button is clicked the same confirmation dialogue re-displays.
    Because the thanks=$thanks variable is still part of the url.
    Is there a way to prevent this? Perhaps by clearing the GET varialble.
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    Don't pass it in the URI or waste time with a header redirect, particularly if you're just redirecting to a common index.php. Just show it as part of the page that's processing the data. (which is probably ALSO an index.php, right? Possibly even the same index.php? So why redirect?)

    Though preventing "back" behaviors on stuff like this generally isn't even a "thing" you can do. Ever. Period. The best you can hope for is to add a random hash to your form and session, then invalidate it just to be certain it isn't accidentally resubmit.
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