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    Function to send mail in PHP

    Others visit your site and give their opinions right from the website. Here is a function that I want to use, can I use it well?
    The code is as follows:
    $name = "customer";
    $email = "[email protected]";
    $subject = "Feedback";
    $message = "This is my comment";

    mail("[email protected]", "$name", "$email", "$subject", $message);

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    From what you posted, it sounds like you might be very new to PHP. There's more to sending email than just a small, simple script using mail().

    You need a form for them to fill out, and then you need to bit of filtering to make sure people are not trying to send things that are malicious.

    Not all webhosts allow the use of mail(). Some require other methods. Then, you have to figure out a way to keep spammers and spamming robots from using your form.

    To see the very basic use of mail(), see this:
    PHP: mail - Manual

    You can already see you have 5 things in your mail function. You seem to have them in the wrong places, so right out of the box you will have problems.

    Nothing wrong with experimenting .... see some of the PHP examples in the manual. Play around and see what your webhost allows and does not allow. If you can get your script to send yourself an email, that would be a good thing. You'll have learned something new.
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