Hello, wondering if anyone has experinced the same issue. have googled this but nothing of significance comes up.

I have this code in a number of websites to convert an address into co-ordinates.

PHP Code:
$VenueMap2 "HU1 3AL United Kingdom";
$VenueMap2 str_replace(" ","+",$VenueMap2);

$url "https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?address=$VenueMap2&sensor=false&key=$SiteMapAPI";
$result_string file_get_contents($url);
$result json_decode($result_stringtrue);
$val getLnt('90001');
$center_lat $val['lat'];
$center_lng $val['lng'];
"<p>1Lat:  $center_lat</p>\n";
"<p>Lng:  $center_lng</p>\n";
However, just recently, ive noticed that when one of the website has an SSL certificate installed (so works under https) the code stops working and doesnt return co-ordinates.

Any ideas?