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    Question sorry cant think of a title :S

    Ok i have a problem with php , well no so much a problem but something that needs fixing

    I want to have a index.php page, from this page i want to link to other pages usign one other file called module.php....

    from index.php i want to link to other pages with something like


    from the module file i can link the REQUEST or the GET variable which ever one i dont know, to one other paticular file depending on what the site variable is set as in the link !!

    Am i making sense??

    here comes my problem, say i wanted the module.php file how would i get the nav bar at the top to coem up every time, can i make it work like frames withotu frames?? Do you understand me?
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    PHP Code:
    $site '.php'); 
    This is a basic example of what u may be after. include this were u want the page to be shown and main.php is the default page i.e news. You can link to as you have shown above ... index.php?site=lah. can alsop echo $site to return a value

    im sure their are other ways of doing it and would like to hear of some.
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