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    Wanting to learn PHP. Feel like I am hitting a brick wall.

    I work in the healthcare field and I am wanting to make a switch and learn about web development.

    I have no techie experience whatsoever. This is not really my expertise, as I have stayed occupied in EMS/healthcare for the longest of time. I have no programming experience whatsoever.


    I have taken all these online courses for the past several months, many of which were offerred by Udemy and Team Treehouse. My biggest concern with Udemy is that one course used completely outdated material, while another advertised itself to be for beginners while it really just threw me into the wolves.

    Here is what I do know:

    1.Installed XXAMP and was able to create databases and tables using PHPmyAdmin
    2. Creating a simple form, using code to insert the data into the database and retrieve data from the database
    a. mysqli functions (example, mysqli_connect, mysqli_query, etc.)
    b. touched up on prepare and execute statements
    3. Basic PHP syntax (example: variables, loops, arrays, etc...)
    4. HTML, CSS (but that pertains to front-end), and just a very, very small amount of javascript (but like CSS, that is more front-end too).
    5. $_POST, $_GET method

    Here is what I WANT to know, yet cannot figure out:
    1. installation and configuring process with Composer and Laravel
    2. Knowing what Laravel really is
    3. Using Laravel
    4. Eventually creating a public web server at home to host my own sites (and client sites once I feel more comfortable with web dev to make this a career)

    Here is the issue:
    I am being shown and told an ample amount of different information of how to approach things from others, I don't know the right or wrong way to approach it.

    Again, I don't know exactly what I am doing. Think of me like your grandpa...I sort of have to be explained things in layman's terms for now.
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    1. How to install Composer itself is described at https://getcomposer.org/doc/00-intro...lation-windows
    1b. Laravel is installed through Composer, but see 3.
    2. Laravel is a Framework to create web projects
    3. at your current level - don't use it. these kinds of frameworks need a certain amount of knowledge about application and web design, which no one taught you yet. but without that you're heading straight for a nightmare.
    4. either you rent a server or you host your own (but that would then need a static IP, which you'd have to get from your ISP). esp. the latter option needs intricate knowledge of network administration.
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    I also want to do things like you but I'm not smart enough and persistently doing it

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    I agree with not starting Laravel just yet.

    But I don't know what to do next. It seems like anything I try to read about is WAY over my head.

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    Something is always way over your head.
    Accept the fact that the code you create now will always make the future you puke.
    Try to separate your code into different layers. First start with functions.
    Read about MVC pattern. It's what most of the frameworks use as a base and it's doable to use without a framework.


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