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    Simulating Exceptions in PHP?

    Let's say I have an object that represents some table. You create an empty version of the object, and populate the values individually, then call:


    Which will validate all the fields you set, and if all is well, insert object to table.

    What I want is a good way for calling functions to be told why add() might fail.

    If all is good, I want it to return true ideally, since that's standard behaviour for a function, otherwise, return an array of errors. But that would also evaluate to true.

    I'm wondering if there is some way of emulating an exception with this? Or is there a good way to return true on success, false otherwise and have an error list?

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    i'm stabbing in the dark here, but you could call your functions like this
    PHP Code:
    if($objectInstance->add()) {

    your functions may have to be re-written to include a return statement

    PHP Code:
    function add() {
    $error_array = array();
    $error_index 0;
    fopen("test.txt""r")) {
    // do whatever you want
    } else {
    array_push($error_array"Could not open test.txt");

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