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    separating $_Files array

    I need to separate the $_FILES array when multiple upload groups are posted...ex: uploaded_images, uploaded_pdfs

    Currently I thinking of using:
    if(isset($_FILES['uploaded']) && !empty($_FILES['uploaded_images'])){
    for ($i = 0; $i < count($_FILES['uploaded_images']['name']); $i++) {
    $FileField = ($i+1);
    $File          = $_FILES['uploaded_images'];
    $File_Src      = $File['tmp_name'][$i];
    $File_Name     = $File['name'][$i];
    $File_BaseName = basename($File_Name);
    $File_Ext      = substr($File_BaseName, strrpos($File_BaseName, '.') + 1);
    $File_Size     = $File['size'][$i];
    list($File_Width, $File_Height) = getimagesize($File_Src);
    $File_Type     = $File['type'][$i];
    $File_Error    = $File['error'][$i];
    $EntryStr  = $File_Src.'|';
    $EntryStr .= $File_Name.'|';
    $EntryStr .= $File_BaseName.'|';
    $EntryStr .= $File_Ext.'|';
    $EntryStr .= $File_Size.'|';
    $EntryStr .= $$File_Width.'|';
    $EntryStr .= $File_Height.'|';
    $EntryStr .= $File_Type.'|';
    $EntryStr .= $File_Error.'|';
    uploaded_images[]= $EntryStr;
    }//[end forLoop]
    but seems like there should be an easier way. I need each file upload group array written like the EntryStr above.
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    No thats how i would do it.

    You could try to expload the array and see what happens though. I havent ever had to deal with file uploading before but it looks like the $_FILE is an $_FILES['uploaded_images']

    Tell me what you get when you do this:
    if(isset($_FILES['uploaded']) && !empty($_FILES['uploaded_images'])){

    Tell me what you get and maybe ill be able to assist you from there.

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    You just need to use conditional statements based on $_FILES['type'] because $_FILES is already a two dimensional array. A good deal of work depending on how many types you have, but unavoidable.
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