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Thread: php framework

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    php framework

    Kindly tell the error during the framework installation downloaded from ClipBucket – Download ClipBucket 2.6.
    The framework is here.
    ClipBucket v2.6 STABLE Installer
    The error is following.
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/vhosts/myproject.6te.net/cb_install/modes/permission.php on line 38
    HERE IS permission.php

    PHP Code:
    <h2>Checking File &amp; Directories Permissions</h2>
        ClipBucket need some files and folders permissions in order to store files properly, please make sure all files given below are chmod properly<br />
    <em>CHMOD : the chmod command (abbreviated from <strong>ch</strong>ange <strong>mod</strong>e) is a shell command and C language function in Unix and Unix-like  environments.</em></p>

    <? $permissions checkPermissions(); ?>
    foreach($permissions as $permission)
            <dt style="width:300px"><?=$permission['path']?></dt>

    <form name="installation" method="post" id="installation">
        <div style="padding:10px 0px" align="right">
        <?=button('Recheck',' onclick="$(\'#mode\').val(\'permission\');
         $(\'#installation\').submit()" '
        <?=button('Continue To Next Step',' onclick="$(\'#installation\').submit()" ');?></div>
        <?php if(!$upgrade): ?>
        <input type="hidden" name="mode" value="database"  id="mode"/>
        <?php else: ?>
        <input type="hidden" name="mode" value="dataimport"  id="mode"/>
        <?php endif; ?>

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    If the person who wrote that code didn't know enough about php to publish an error free installation script, that would work regardless of php version or php configuration, can you imagine how badly the main script is written?

    Also, did you attempt to solve this yourself? You should ask the script's author, rather than a general programming help forum, which exist to help programmers with code they have written, rather than to fix bad code that someone published on the Internet.
    Finding out HOW to do something is called research, i.e. keep searching until you find the answer. After you attempt to do something and cannot solve a problem with it yourself, would be when you ask others for help.


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