Hello everyone,

I need some help with what I see in my mind as a somehow simple code.
I have an extension on Joomla, called EShop, and what I want to do is, when a customer from one geozone(preset) buys something via our cart, he pays through one PayPal account, and when a customer from another geozone buys something, it redirects its payment to another PP account.

So, lets say customer 1 is from the US, 1st geozone, and customer 2 from, lets say, Spain, 2nd geozone.
Customer 1 buys a product and pays on PayPal acc #1, customer 2 buys the same product, but pays on PayPal acc #2.

Is it possible?
In my head it is, but I got very rusty during time with programming so I need major help I could even pay if needed to write the code.

Kind regards and thank you in advance!