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    Post PHP, HTML, CSS, MYSQL sign up and login code

    So on my website I need sign up and login forms but through trying and trying by myself I have yet to succeed in such a thing. If someone could make me one it would be greatly appreciated. I'm fine with the HTML side of the coding but it's just the php and mysql I do not understand. Here is what I need the coding to do.

    HTML sign up form:

    • Refer to attached image below for form style
    • Email field
    • Username field
    • Password field
    • Gender field (drop down type with two options, female and male)
    • Captcha security check
    • I agree with the terms and conditions checkbox declaration
    • If field(s) are incomplete, too less/many characters or invalid red 'x' will appear to the right of it.
    • If field(s) are all complete and correct a green 'tick' will appear to the right of it.
    • Password field has a min of 6 characters and no max
    • Email field has a min of 6 and no max
    • To be valid the email field has to have a @ sign in it
    • Username has a min of 6 characters and a max of 20
    • Username has to not match to any in the database in order to be valid
    • Username cannot have any non alphanumerical characters in it, e.g. @,!,?, only numbers and letters


    So when the user clicks the submit button, his/her, username needs to be saved into a database with all the other usernames. Their password needs to get saved into a different database (again) with all the other passwords. Their email needs to get saved into database and a noreplay html email needs to be sent to the email address provided in the email field from the form. The user also needs to get redirected to a page called www.website.net/accountverification.

    Now for the big one!
    When they click submit and all their information is saved into databases etc. A user page needs to be made. The user page will be called, www.website.net/username/, and will have missing fields with information filled from the databases. This information will be: their username and their gender. Also another page needs to be created. This page will have information like: email adress, password etc.

    Login field:

    The login field will be the same as the sign up field except it will only ask for their username and password. Also the login fields has to match the information in the databases, e.g. The username field has to match with a username in the username database.

    Thats all I need help with.

    Please could you also teach me how to effectively connect all the php, html and mysql coding together so it works as this is one of the main things I was having trouble with.



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    You're asking quite a lot there! You're asking for an entire system to be written up and then lessons on top!

    You need to start doing some learning or put this in the paid projects forum. People here will help with snippets, bug finding, error solving, idea bouncing etc but rarely will anyone take on an entire project - for free.

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    just like tangoforce was indicating you should get just some basics down in terms of the PHP and mySQL. The HTML and CSS shouldn't be too bad...i actually got something to work now with a register / login system with the password being encrypted and stored into the database and user/password verified.

    Here is a link that should get you in the right direction.

    Password Security - Basic PHP Login System Part 3 - Peter Entwistle

    Hope this helps
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    I should really get some lessons on php and mysql, ist's that I haven't had the time to do so and I have been coding the website which is a tedious task. Snippets of code might help me but obviously the way I need the system to work is very complicated and designed for my specifications.

    Thanks for the help so far though!


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