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    some help need stop bot traffic

    hi i need some help . i see some person use bot traffic or proxey taffic software or script like jiggling and hitleap . they give a url of any sites then this software proxey view this websites.. i want asked can it possible stop these bot traffic its any procedure in php or javascript to stop this traffic..

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    Bots have become almost impossible to stop, they are programmed to be highly intelligent.
    There are hundreds of ways to code against them, but it really depends on what you are trying to stop. (I.E. registering fake accounts, spam emails, etc)
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    using php in your main script you can send any normal bot back to where it came from...as long as you have the domain name the bot was sent from.
    Bots like Baidu, I think that's what it's called not only look for new webpages on you site but it also tries to locate developement text files, wp login files and admin files.
    If you have cpanel you can look at your error logs for the domain name of the troublesome bot. Then go to bot .vs humans and look it up! You can then send it to your site and see what the inital bot returns.
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