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    Mark Multiple Private Message and Delete selected messages.


    I am developing private messaging system in php. everyting is done except selecting multiple (using checkbox) messages and delete them.

    below code will list messages in Inbox.
    echo "<table border='1' cellpadding='10'>";
                 echo '<tr> <th><input type="checkbox" name="selectall"></th><th>From</th> <th>Subject</th> <th>Date</th></tr>';
                       // loop through results of database query, displaying them in the table
                      while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($selectresult))
                             // echo out the contents of each row into a table
                              echo '<tr style="'.($row['message_read'] ? 'color:#BDBDBD;' : '').'">';
                              echo '<td> <input type="checkbox" name="check_list[]" value="'.$row['id'].'"> </td>';
                              echo '<td>' . $row['from_user'] . '</td>';
                              echo '<td>' . $row['message_title'] . '</td>';
                              echo '<td>' . $row['date'] . '</td>';
                              echo '<td><a href="?page_id=1427&MI=' . $row['message_id'] . '">Read</a> </td>';
                              echo '<td><a href="?page_id=1329&MI=' . $row['message_id'] . '">Delete</a> </td>';
                              echo '<td><a href="?page_id=1312&MI=' . $row['message_id'] . '">Restore</a> </td>';
                              echo "</tr>"; 
                         // close table>
                        echo "</table>";
    I want when user checked multiple checkbox and click on Delete link it should delete the selected messages.
    I am using below code for deleting inside delete page.

     foreach($_POST['check_list'] as $checkbox)
        $messageread = mysqli_query($dbc,"DELETE FROM wp_fep_messages WHERE (to_user = '$user' && to_del = '1' && id = '$checkbox')");

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    what does your query (with the data inside) looks like? what about mysqli errors?
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